2014 annual inventory of ten heavy international chemical event
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REVIEW: 2014 has passed, we ushered in the new year, small inventory for everyone here in the past year, the international chemical industry's top ten events occur, for you Tell me clarify this industry ideas.


     1. International oil prices plummeted injured petrochemical enterprises

      Crude oil prices fell sharply. Exxon Mobil, Shell and Chevron and other oil giants have been below the level of 10 years ago, margins, and expansion plans were shelved, low profit business is stripped, the rapid increase in cases of mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, the global petrochemical product prices sharply lower plant operating rates were lowered, the chemical industry shares fell.


      2. petrochemical raw shale project investment blowout

      In shale gas and other unconventional oil and gas supply of low-cost substantial increase in the stimulation of investment petrochemical project was intense, only one US investment projects announced on more than 100 billion US dollars, and the investment from olefins, methanol to nitrogen, GTL and other fields continuous extension.


      3. Dow sold several non-core businesses

      March 19, Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical Company in Saudi Arabia investor conference, said the company plans before the end of 2015 through the sale of assets to raise 4.5 to 6 billion US dollars, compared to the previously announced 3 billion $ 4 billion more than the target 1.5 to 2 billion US dollars, including the chlor-alkali and epoxy businesses. December 5, Dow announced that as part of its plan to divest non-core businesses, has agreed to sell the business, sodium borohydride, and a polyolefin film Ohio plant, total transaction price of about $ 225 million.


      4. Russia stopped at a discounted price of natural gas sold to Ukraine

      March 25, the Kremlin spokesman Peskov announced that Russia would no longer sell gas at a discounted price to Ukraine. Gazprom from April to stop the Ukrainian gas concessions, and 50% price increase. Russia and Ukraine "vindictive" staged again, so that the EU's gas crisis clouded layer. December 9, Russia resume gas delivery to Ukraine.


      5. Albemarle $ 6.2 billion acquisition of Lockwood

      July 15, the US specialty chemicals companies Albemarle Corporation announced that it has signed a purchase agreement with the world's largest manufacturer of lithium Lockwood holding company. Under the agreement, Albemarle will spend about $ 6.2 billion acquisition of Lockwood, the way that the transaction will be carried out in cash and equity. This is by far the largest of a lithium merger.


      6. US oil embargo loose

      In early August, the American cargo ship loaded with condensate sail from the US east coast, heading for East Asia. It is nearly 40 years of US crude oil production for the first time sold overseas. During the 1970s Arab oil embargo of the last century, the United States enacted to prohibit the export ban of oil outside of North America, and now the ban relaxed.


      7. Mexico energy reform bill formally adopted

       August 11, signed by the President of Mexico Peña 21 bill to allow private and foreign participation in the Mexican oil and gas exploration, production, refining, transportation and storage and other fields, breaking the PEMEX since 1938 for up to 76 years monopoly.


      8. stripped Bayer MaterialScience business

      September 18, the Bayer Group announced within the next 12 to 18 months will be stripped material science and technology, making it into the stock market. After the successful listing of materials science and technology will become Europe's fourth-largest chemical company. The new company has about 16,800 employees worldwide program. It will have a new corporate name and a separate identity. Will be headquartered in Leverkusen.


      9. Halliburton and Baker Hughes announced the merger

      November 17, the world's second and third large oil service companies Halliburton (HAL), and Baker Hughes (BHI) announced the merger, Halliburton spent a total of $ 34.6 billion cash acquisition of shares and all shares of Baker Hughes, which Creating a market capitalization of $ 70 billion of new Halliburton.


      10. Samsung exit the chemical business

      November 26, South Korea's Samsung Group announced its petrochemical industry and military industries four subsidiaries - Samsung Integrated Chemical, Samsung Total, Samsung and Samsung Thales commercial equipment sold to the Hanwha Group, with total trade over 19,000 won (about 10.6 billion yuan). Analysts believe that the sale of the Samsung Group chemical assets are undervalued, the price should be 5 trillion to 6 trillion won.