2015 China's chemical industry to look forward to ten events
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With the development of society, the Chinese chemical industry is being changed dramatically. Related industries for the upcoming 2015 is likely to predict the impact of ten aspects of Chinese chemical industry.

First: In the high pressure national environmental policies, serious environmental pollution and backward production capacity is not it will be shut down

Scale is unlikely to shut down, or even impossible. After all, the proportion of environmentally friendly production failed, or that is too much behind. If you are really determined to close these backward production capacity, most of China's chemical flew in short supply. Even many species disappear immediately, but this is impossible. But the producers to upgrade production technology is yes, some polluting SMEs are likely to be directly shut down.

Second: go sailing will become more and more private enterprises choose

5-6 scale foreign companies to do one hundred million US dollars / year began to set up factories in China, to build offices, high-profile marketing spread, but much larger than the Chinese companies do not have the guts to go out to build offices abroad or factories. Many private companies are focused in this area, even though they were born he raised his very familiar with this piece of land, but to go out and see the outside world, so that people around the world "enjoy" his production of inexpensive goods, has been private entrepreneurs dream.

Third: The talent competition will be more intense

Foreign companies came to China 20 years to help us cultivate a large number of international standards and master the advanced management of marketing and production technology Chinese employees. These foreign companies up to now has been firmly occupy the high end of the Chinese market, they are private enterprises in China to learn from, the best way to learn foreign companies, foreign companies must be dug with rich experience and energy to join the elite, despite whom you want pay a very high artificial treatment, but you certainly worthwhile, because you save a lot of training costs.


        An ordinary employee training to department managers, district managers or China Asia Group executives, the cost of foreign certainly want to spend more than 2 million yuan. And even twenty years he has accumulated over the past decade a wealth of practical experience and experience can help you directly, train your team, teach you how to cut corners to catch up with its old club; although China's private enterprises are well-known instant success The "myopia", but the face has a real ability of elites, they are willing to spend the capital of.

Fourth: PDH propane dehydrogenation will impact the whole chemical industry chain

We want to use the past to produce propylene downstream raw materials, such as polypropylene, propylene oxide, etc., we have to look at his face three barrels of oil to act firmly to control the resources of three barrels of naphtha, propylene market price of oil. " maintaining stability "made a" remarkable contribution "next year on the bustling, Tianjin Bohua, Jiaxing satellite, Ningbo Yue, Sanyuan and Yantai Wanhua PDH plant put into operation, such as propylene sufficient domestic market upside down. Breaking three barrels of oil pricing propylene costs will lead to a substantial decline in the production of propylene as the main raw material of the product. We do not think 2015 will be higher than the market price of polypropylene in 2014, we do not believe that 2015 will be higher than the market price of propylene oxide in 2014, but fell by an average of 5-10% would be a high probability event.

Fifth: MTO methanol to olefins in this area in 2015 will also buzzes

Because it opens up another one without oil production of propylene way, it propane dehydrogenation "two-pronged approach" to directly kill petroleum, propylene, a battle is inevitable. In addition to propylene outside, MTO will produce ethylene and aromatics, so it will be in the field of ethylene and aromatics spoiler, so the already crowded field of aromatics more "restless", which will inevitably lead to join ethylene manufacturers competitive , driving down the market price.

Sixth: TPE and TPE worth expectations

In the last five years the world's most vibrant areas of the elastomer is a thermoplastic elastomer, it subverts the traditional rubber manufacturing processes to lower energy consumption, more economical manufacturing method, less waste, more flexible and more varying processing methods, and colorful product lines, as well as the performance of different products attracted worldwide attention. Recently surpassed the 5-speed mid-market growth proves this point. Traditional rubber industry, the "wolf really came." To produce a common synthetic rubber, such as nickel-cis polybutadiene rubber and SBR enterprises, the worse day in 2015, which is certainly better this year than next year.

Seventh: Biodegradable plastic is likely to fire up in 2015

If you use plastic bowls buried in the ground after the break gave the bacteria decompose months, is not a pleasant thing? If we all plastics have become biodegradable, garbage such as bones and meat does not require burning, burning waste is plastic. If vigorously pursue biodegradable plastics, our environmental problems will be solved fairly large part of it. In the past five years, biodegradable plastics in developed countries has been explosive growth, due to regulatory issues, technical issues and cost issues, the current Chinese enterprises in this piece is still very weak, but the outbreak sooner or later.


        If biodegradable plastics can be disruptive growth, traditional plastic products companies big trouble for the new technology in terms of people has always been fear and anticipation. Why the fear? Because let your hands now worthless enterprise. Why expect? Because no one will refuse environmentally friendly, non-toxic for you, better performance, more comfortable products.

Eighth: The Internet is not the industry will become worthless distributors

Over the past decade, the Internet is a global consumer decade of explosive growth, and today you can buy what you expect of consumer goods on the site, click the mouse on the couch, 30% of what you buy things cheaper than the stores even more many, and home delivery, cash on delivery, not satisfied at any time to return, such a good thing really happened. However, still using the traditional industrial marketing. But we face the rapid development of the Internet, is still struggling to find a suitable profit model to explore. There are many high-profile companies to enter the field, they are trying to persuade businesses to use them to build a trading platform to trade me with a lot of purchasing managers and directors to talk, we laugh, we are also exploring good business model, but We do not reject the Internet and e-commerce for procurement and supply chain help.


        The same idea was also to play more and more dealers warehousing and logistics companies, as traders, their biggest profit model is to have the goods to be a sufficient amount of time to your hands, warehousing and logistics lifeline for them as just as important, many large warehousing and logistics companies realize this, an attempt to use what they have to create a logistics base for storage system integration services, they are trying to persuade small and medium sized trading company where the goods on them.

Ninth: capital involvement is not expected to save China's small and medium sized chemical companies

For any one to do a little bigger boss, if I start the IPO market will soon become very excited, this can also be seen in the question of money has been plagued by their rapid development, If you can get a listing large sums of money, no one will refuse to do bigger companies. Despite these small and medium enterprises, they have to show his face in the new version of the three may also fund industry should not forget their place. Because the plight of the financing difficulties of SMEs is always there, Chinese society that is not short of money, lack of integrity. So also, if possible through third-party financing to capital, and investors can minimize risk, of course, this kind of thing is pretty impossible. 2015 more Chinese chemical companies will use their unique way to embrace the capital, because more rapid development is possible only through the power of capital.

Tenth: cooperation to create the future, you will not regret it

China's chemical enterprises, especially private enterprises have a feature that most bosses are centered, family management has become a great landscape. Everyone acknowledges that if it will expand the business on their own ability is increasingly impossible. If China launched a large-scale private enterprises in cooperation with others is his real start of bigger and stronger, what is working with people? Not just invite people to stake so simple. If you give people a little bit of the shares, and expect themselves firmly in the control of, or even controlling this company, I believe that no one has an interest in playing with you, because "Chinese entrepreneurs particularly keen to control the finances, the so-called debt is made out of "an opaque subject to your control financial system will not feel any small shareholder value of existence. Cooperation greet the future of China's chemical enterprises currently parked on the verbal component of still more.

In short in 2015 a lot of things can happen, there are more things that might have happened, I did not realize that it is possible, but it does not mean they are not important, such as the introduction of a large central enterprises mixed operating system, and such as crude oil and oil products market has may open private capital, these things listed above can happen to any one, are likely to affect China's chemical industry.