Silicone future market situation is excellent
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Silicones as a new high-tech materials, from the early 1940s, since industrial production, are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, aerospace, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other fields, as the national economic development and people improved living standards indispensable new material. Silicone product range, its basic form is divided into four categories, namely silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone and silane (including silane and silane coupling agent).

      Industry analysts pointed out that according to incomplete statistics, in 2010, China's organic silicon monomer production capacity reached 1.63 million tons, compared with 2009 growth of 49.5 percent year on year. 2011 China's apparent consumption of production and marketing of organic silicon monomer will maintain stable growth, will reach 1.15 million tons, 1.26 million tons, production capacity reached 1.76 million tons. By the end of 2012 of organic silicon monomer production capacity of about 2.18 million tons, while actual demand is currently only about 1.038 million tons per year.

      Judging from the industrial chain, silicone obvious characteristics. First, the backbone monomer production. Technical barriers to organic silicon industry is mainly present in the monomer production stage, monomer production levels are directly reflected in the overall level of a national organic silicon industry. Currently, only foreign Dow Corning, Wacker and other five companies to large-scale production of organic silicon monomer.

      Second, in recent years, the rapid growth in global demand. Silicone materials performance, versatility, domestic consumption over the past decade to maintain a 22% compound growth rate, the future market development space is still very broad. Domestic organic silicon industry started late, 2002-2012, the average annual domestic consumption of organic silicon growth rate reached 22.06%, twice the growth rate of GDP in the same period.

       However, the domestic per capita amount of silicone per capita amount is less than 1/4 of Europe, with the excess silicone monomer bring a substantial decline in raw material costs, the future of the domestic market expansion space silicone materials will be very broad.

      Proposed the following development goals in our silicone "five" plan: "The size and structure of silicone products optimization goal to achieve self-sufficient organic silicon monomer; basic grade silicone material basically achieve self-sufficiency; special grades of organic more than half of the silicon material to achieve self-sufficiency rate.

      In addition, not only in the country to resist foreign competition, but also need to optimize the export structure: upgrade from exporting industrial silicon as the main export of organic silicon monomer. "" 2014-2018 China silicone materials market analysis depth research report, "pointed out: Silicone manufacturers to increase the technological efforts to optimize the product structure, followed by the national Twelfth Five-Year Plan silicone, full of organic silicon monomer and production of downstream products, accelerate the establishment of silicone end market demand integration mechanism, the use of the brand, to seize market opportunities, accelerate market development, new projects in a timely manner after digestion capacity to expand production. Be the silicone downstream market leader.